A Romantic Comedy

Starring Emily Knoettner, Justin Smith and Alyssa Collier

Love Stories begin with an empty canvas




Doodled, is a romantic-comedy film about two peculiar out-of-college artists discover common ground through their contrasting art styles and find themselves falling for each other in the process. To find out more about our crew read below



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All films have a goal and we've got plenty of them to make this film made possible. To find out more read below. Every filmmaker has a clear goal and goals after the completion of production. 



Doodled  is a short film Written and Directed by Teddy Brown. Doodled is a romantic-comedy film that was filmed in October 2018.  Principal photography and filming took place in Savannah, Georgia. Production lasted two weeks, post-production completed in June of 2019 and was submitted to over 10 film festivals in July. Worldwide release of the film shall be announced at a later time. To stay updated on further information regarding the film check out our Instagram. @doodledthemovie


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