The Cast

Justin Smith


Justin is a Junior in college, where he is studying acting. Originally he came to college to study Film & Television but came to realize that he loved to act. The first film he landed on was The Painting, in which his friend, Teddy had produced and cast him for the film. Justin first met Teddy in their Film intro class in January 2017 and have stayed close friends since. Justin has worked in the summers for several TV and film productions ranging from an extra to a crew member. He was pleased to have been casted to star in this epic love story written and directed by his friend and looks forward to seeing where the film will go. Justin has also had the privilege of working on several school television pilot productions such as Reconnections, and Ballpark Figures as of Spring 2019.

Emily Knoettner


Emily is a Sophomore in college, where she is studying fashion design. Originally Emily was studying Nursing at another college but realized it wasn't what she wanted to do. She transferred and came to college in Savannah where she is studying fashion. Emily is also passionate about acting, which is why she is also studying acting. She first worked and met Teddy on set for a film in which she starred as the lead actress in Sci-Fail, in May 2018. Upon learning of Doodled holding auditions, she reached out and requested to audition for the lead role of Vinnie. She received the news of her selection in the end of summer and was excited to be a part of the love story written and directed by Teddy Brown. Emily is excited to see the completed film and where it will be traveling to upon acceptance.

Alyssa Collier


Alyssa is a Sophomore in college, where she is studying photography, and a minor in acting. Since the age of three she has been involved with theatre performances, which she has landed several roles on stage productions throughout her school years up through high school. Alyssa is passionate about learning new things and loves to take photos in her free time, as well as spending time with her friends. Alyssa has known Teddy since the fall of 2017, and has been close friends since. She first worked with Teddy on her friend's film The Thirteenth, in which she had one of the leading roles on it. She was excited to find out that she could be a part of Doodled up from the early stages in pre-production back in April.  When she is not in school she lives in Texas.  She is very excited to see the film and where it will travel to.

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