What makes Doodled unique unlike other short films?

"We take many departments and come together in a collaboration to make the experience fun

and enjoyable as well as getting our crew involved in the film."

Teddy Brown 

Director, Producer, Co-Writer and Creator of Doodled

Production and Costume Design

By collaborating with Production Designers and costume designers we are able to make accessories, film props, and clothing attires for the entire production. We couldn't make it on our own without their creative minds.

Production Designer:                         Costume Designers:

Kat Ellig                                               Janie Driggers

                                                             Morgaine Trahan

Sound Design & Music Composition

a film cannot be made possible without sound. That is why we are geared towards getting the most experienced sound designers to help get the best location sound, production audio, as well as any additional sound that needs to be made, such as post sound editing. A film wouldn't be complete without a music composition and score added to it. 

Sound Team:                                   Music Composer:

Amanda Jewel Seay                          Miles Kredich

Rachel Ferus

Zoltán Monori

Painting & Artists

Without the help of our talented artists, this film could not have been made possible. Art doesn't just mean drawing and painting, it comes in many forms. Our artists consist of production designers, costume designers, storyboard artists, our musical artists, and of course our actors from performing arts. Our production crew consisted of incredibly talented individuals who all shared a passion to create something meaningful. To read more about our creative team, please check our about page. 

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